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3 months ago

WordPress told me today that my last post was 3 months ago, and so I felt guilty about not updating Compass & Hatchet. Which is a bizarre reaction. Actually it’s not so much, I generally feel guilt over a lot of things, a lot of the time. Stuff I’ve imposed on myself, stuff I’ve made up in my head…. you know… the usual…. Maybe it’s the Roman Catholic hang over I inherited from my parents, or this feeling like I should be more, I should be better. I have not been overly productive creatively, I don’t have a lot to show for the last 3 months so I am just going to continue on with posting photos.

Here are some from the end of Summer/early fall,



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The Reel Thing

After much consideration, the idea of moving to Vancouver to finish school was becoming more of a point of stress, then an exciting idea. The cost of living in the city was going to mean giving up so much of what I enjoy about my life. Living in an apartment after having the bus was unappetizing. In the hierarchy of what really matters most to me in my life, finishing school on campus in a class room setting, with peers and teachers ( vs correspondence, which I was really struggling with.) wasn’t important enough to give up the freedom my lifestyle affords me. Being locked into a rental, having to work unsaid amount of jobs to afford living, plus full time school, where does this leave room for Uka? ┬áVisiting friends, being in the Nature, Making Art?

The trade off wasn’t worth it, so I’ve gone back to the drawing board, and have new course of action, which I am super excited for.

I am following my heart back to the island. Teaming up with the most spectacular dude, to fulfill another life dream, of living on a Boat. (and trying harder to finish school from a distance… which will be a challenge but its worth it.)

Enter The Reel Thing:

Built in the 1950’s this 32′ wooden boat is definitely going to require some love before we call her home ( in November.) But if there is anything I love more then working on something to make it a home, I haven’t encountered it yet.

So here we go.

(I know that there will be questions about the fate of the bus, so I will tell you now that I am keeping it. Tusk will stay on the farm in Lillooet, since I will most certainly be up to visit often- I can’t stay away from Baby G for too long. There is also some talk of putting her on Air B&B, so if you’ve ever wanted to spend a weekend on an organic farm, eating fresh vegetables and sleeping in a bus …..)

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