Sunday’s Photos

I have been wrist deep in the Garden lately, and completely neglecting most things. Such is life in spring time. Things are really starting to grow, and it’s super exciting, but also nerve wracking because this is our first farmers market year and its hard to tell how much is enough. Live and Learn is on repeat in my head to try to not stress out too much about not getting it right.









Me, Myself, and I

I always go back and forth about that this online”space” is.

Is it an online journal, or a place to collect and keep track of what I am doing “Artistically”.

Since I became an Instagram addict about 3 years ago, I find that my desire to put photos somewhere public, of my Art, Life and whatever, and have total strangers look at them, is satisfied. With much less writing. Much less attaching camera to laptop. Much less frustration over figuring out how to actually make a blog look the way I want it too. I guess that’s the thing about phones now, they are so easy and portable and in your pocket when ever you step under a beautiful sunset, or your dog strikes a pose, or your drinking a coffee by yourself, pretending to enjoy a moment alone, but checking your phone to see if anyone messaged because you are actually lonely.

“Portfolio” or “confessional”

What I love about the internet is being able to sneak peeks/snoop into other peoples lives (or the lives people contrive and show) Of their art works, homes, closets. Their accomplishments, of their struggles and general acts of being human, in a world where we share everything. It’s in-depth people watching, from the comfort of my own home.

I also find lately, that living in a small town, away from “home” and a creative community, that I turn to the internet a lot more with questions, inspiration and culture.

The ever growing common occurrence for many people (my self 100% included) is that you start to feel like your life kinda sucks compared to everyone else’s.  Sometimes, I feel left out. I feel like I am not accomplishing enough. I feel like I am not enough.

I am Enough.

So what am I trying to convey here with Compass and Hatchet? What need is having an online journal or presence satisfying?  Why would people want to read what I have to say? … and so on…

I have always loved journaling, and taking photos and having an audience (I’ll be the first to admit that I love attention.) And I am really into the idea of “checking in” of having assignments and structure. So this is the new direction I am taking with having a Blog.

I am committing to writing weekly. To giving myself assignments. To contributing to the internet’s lure of seeing in to the life of a total stranger, and to hopefully, connect. To someone, anyone, to everyone, who is like me.

DSC_0012 DSC_0007 DSC_0024

Cleaning House.

I will be the very first to admit that my patience for second hand store shopping is fleeting and limited. I am really into the IDEA of searching for treasure, and finding lovely goodies that will make me feel complete, but the truth is more that I have a short attention span. My friend family is in a constant state of preparing for the next costume clad adventure. I think our collective tickle truck would rival Mr. Dress up. Girl weekends, Festivals, Thursday afternoons, are all events unto which we pull out the spandex, the fur, the sequined-tasseled-glittered what-have-you, and so over the years I’ve collected some fabulous (and not so fabulous but most certainly humorous) specimens of textile apparel. Another thing about me, is that I move…. all the f-ing time. We are talking 5 homes in the last year and a half, I am not exaggerating, its tiering. It also makes you hate your shit. Shit that once was a Fabulous Find! A treasured article of of costume uniform. So here I am, with arm loads of shit/memory artifacts, in a home that  (Fingers crossed) is a keeper (more on said home later) and not a whole lot of room to put it down.

Enter Esty shop that I made and abandoned in August of 2011. Originally set up for my Art… which never made it to online. I am now about to segue from Just-Art, To Art-Awesome-Vintagey-Things-That-I-Love-but-have-no-room-for.


Have fun.

( Disclaimer: This is a work in progress- as is everything that I do.)

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