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Photos from the holidays

I am almost done posting posts about photos that I missed posting. The holiday’s where this whirl wind that I feel like I am still recovering from. Kevin and I have covered a lot of ground over the last few months, and have been living out of Totes since November. We have been hermitting and binge watching Netflix (with small doses of ¬†working on music art and me working on school ) for the majority of 2017 so far. December we left Lillooet to visit my family on the coast, headed back to Lillooet, then to Edmonton then Saskatchewan and back to Lillooet and then to Nanaimo, where we are now, in hiding at my parents condo while they take in some D vitamins in California.

I am over feeling homeless, and drifting. I miss the bus and the farm, but the ¬†-20 weather in the interior was a solid reminder that the bus wasn’t meant to be a full time home. The boat is still in Sooke, and it needs work till we can live on it, so we are sort of just suspended at the moment.




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