Sunday’s Photos

I have been wrist deep in the Garden lately, and completely neglecting most things. Such is life in spring time. Things are really starting to grow, and it’s super exciting, but also nerve wracking because this is our first farmers market year and its hard to tell how much is enough. Live and Learn is on repeat in my head to try to not stress out too much about not getting it right.









Sunday’s Photos

I know it’s Monday. But I also know that no one is keeping track. These pictures aren’t even from a Sunday, they are from last Wednesday when I was still being warmed by the Sun in California. Now I am cold, and surrounded by melting snow and mud, so here are some moments from a walk we took in Thousand Palms.










Sunday’s Photos

I can’t believe its Sunday again. Time flies when you are retired. There has been an incredible amount of relaxing around here. Some art, but mostly books and pool side laying, excursions to street markets, sleeping in, and afternoon coffees. I am not complaining at all.


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