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On the road to fortitude

Month: May, 2016

FOOD necklaces

Sometimes people ask me what kind of art I make, and lately my wishy washy answer is mumbles about food on gold chains. I have been trying to just have more fun with painting. I am incredibly hard on myself, as I think a lot of people are, especially in regards to being creatively productive. I had made a bunch of watermelons, with the scraps of wood from other things I was working on, and then I thought they would be fun to put on necklaces, and then the natural progression was just that, natural. I have a long list of foods I want to paint and hang around neck, and I am actually enjoying the process of making them. So there you go. Food Necklaces.



Dinner at the farm

Inviting a few friends over for a sit down dinner on the farm, requires setting the table for 22. Exceptional and romantic chaos.


Cute times Two

These are from about a month ago, but they make me smile every time I look at them. hopefully you enjoy cuteness….


Sea Goat Day Dreams

I love where I live. I have a heavy duty crush on the muddy river, and the dusty, sage soaked air. I am constantly in awe of the mountains. With every moment that the Sun, first rises and then sets the landscape appears to change. The shadows create a show so that no where on the horizon looks the same in each passing moment. It’s lush and arid at the same time. Its quiet. But as much as I am fond of my home here, I know that there is a salty sea side part of me who longs to be back by the ocean when the days get longer and the temperature rises. When its hot out, there isn’t anything quite like a dip ocean. Long summer days, spend lounging on hot rocks, salt incrusted hair. I want the best of both worlds. It fits with my star sign, Capricorn, the Sea Goat.

Missing boat adventures and Ruxton hikes this evening.




Jason Brown Came to town

AND told me that I make a weird face in photos. Then he took a bunch of pictures of me, which I usually hate, but I don’t actually hate these, so here are a few…





Rose Water

Lately I have been obsessed with the roses that are everywhere. They smell intoxicating. I can’t drive past a Nootka Rose bush with out stopping and filling my pockets with rose buds to string up. I haven’t been making too much lately, except copious amounts of rose necklaces and today I made rose water to use as a facial tonic.¬†Lately I’ve been into treating my face skin real nicely.

I am pretty excited and proud of myself, because I never do stuff like that. I assume things are too hard often, and I am not someone who you find spending much time in the kitchen.  It was actually super simple, and it smells so nice. I am already looking forward to washing my face later so I can use some.

That makes me sound really lame… but when life is simple, simple things are exciting…




Cleaning’ Bus

Moved back to the farm, cleaned up the bus, making myself some new cut offs because, it’s haaaawt up here. Life is just life-ing itself along. The flowers are blooming, the garden is being tilled, the green house is booming. Every where you go the air smells like roses and warm sage. Its pretty splendid.