Baby G and the coastal winter.

I’ve been side tracked by the arrival of my Muse’s baby. I got to experience from front row the incredible entrance this tiny adorable human made into the world. She was absolutely gorgeous from the get go, and every day she grows and changes, which makes doing anything but watching her seem trivial. Gianna Prairie, has stolen my heart. (and a lot of my time, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world)

Winter on the coast has flown by, and in less than a month I am interior bound, back to the bus, and the farm and the mountains. It’s been a real slice being back on the coast. Re-connecting with my childhood friends, and just taking a step back to look at my life. I am pretty pleased with the path I am on, as ramble-y and impulsive as it is. I am feeling really grateful for the freedom I have lately, to grow up, and explore different ideas I have about how I want my life to look and feel. That is pretty vague, but I am not much of a writer these days. I am in a bit of a creative fallow ground at the moment. Resting, absorbing.

Uka is ready to be a full time out door dog again. She misses the cow shit and open pastures.


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