‘Lesh Fest

House concerts are one of my favourite things. This was when The Deep, Lexi Marie’s once fantastic ( now dis-banded ) band, and friends played on the front lawn of Fluster Cluck Farm.


The Let Go

Carrying on with my habit of being totally vacant from this online space for months on end, and then showing back up to say OH hey, pay attention to me, I am here now. I proudly present to you ( over the next few days) a recap of the going’s on in my life since June. Summer flew by like some sort hungry winged beast on a quest to find lunch. The farm was beautiful. The markets were successful. We learned a lot along the way.

There were house concerts and summer romances and wasp stings and trips to the Alpine. There was lots of time to be creative. We were lucky to have Artist and Musicians on the farm, there was hardly a dull moment, and tons of inspiration.

There was some heartache too, some defining moments of suffering and confusion. I want to mention that as well, because we all experience bad days but its easy to feel like ( in comparison to how we see other peoples lives on the inter webs) we are the only ones. I am not going to launch into some advice or words of wisdom. Only that its important to let shit go, to move forward. Art is my #1 ally to dealing with stressful things. So I make art when I have the blues.