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Month: March, 2015

The Diary of Not in the Mood

Reflecting on the scratchy abrasive,  absoluteness of Death. Hiding from the rain in the studio.

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Sunday’s Photos

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Wolf and Bear

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Bus Swap.

So, after living in my bus last year, I came to the conclusion that there was wasted space, and that things weren’t quite right. Visually my home was beautiful, but there wasn’t really a comfortable place to hang out (or else you were staring into the closet…) and you couldn’t use the back door (without climbing over the bed.)  The front door doesn’t shut fully from the outside ( and as I just mentioned, you had to climb over the bed to use the back door.) It was FREEZING as soon as it got cold, and where is was parked got sun from mid afternoon till the sun set behind the hills, leaving it sweltering, and in no way comfortable for afternoon naps.

As the weather started to warm up, which ( freakily ) happened in February, I made some plans ( which really just involved trolling around on the world wide web. ) found a wood stove, and started to dismantle my Beautiful beloved bed ( all for the greater good I assure you.)

The Before:

IMG_7767_2 IMG_7221_2


The During: 

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The After: ( well, still in progress) 

Now the seating/guest bed is situated around the wood stove/kitchen area ( where the wheels are, so it makes the most sense to have something useful over top of them. The back door is the main in and out door, ( which kind of sucks for tall people, but I am not one of those, so I am not bothered.)  The bed still has windows around it ( which is my favourite part of living in the bus) and now the front driving area is my bedside table area, and is actually more used then it was when it was just my “front entrance” area. \

Next will be the kitchen zone, with a sink and somewhere to cook-ish/make coffee. 

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And there you have it.

The details to come.

Catching Up on Sunday’s Photos

Life around here.

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