Wendy Stok, Creative Crush

by stephaniejewelart

I don’t think there is anything that this super woman can’t do. The Talent behind Thistle Handmade has  precise sewing skills, an eye for details, a trained  back ground in wood working, is an accomplished chicken herder, and has a fresh take on turning metals into cleanly styled jewellery and ornaments.

Her beautiful and functional pieces borrow from flora and fauna, from artifacts and vintage motifs. Her training and practice in silversmithing with the accomplished Nina Turczyn of Paprika Design, has influenced Wendy’s work, giving her the ability to create well made, clean, utilitarian jewellery but with an originally and uniqueness all her own.

Wendy so graciously lent me some of her time, to answer my burning questions about her creative process, where her inspiration comes from, and as she puts, it the importance to having dialogue about art and creativity.


Who are you and what is your star sign?

Wendy Stok, and very much a Pisces.

Where are you from OR where do you live?

I’m originally from Montreal, but am firmly planted on Gabriola Island, BC. I’ve been here for nearly 8 years and the longer I’m here the more I feel like I belong to this place. 

What do you do?

These days, I mostly play with metal. I’ve been apprenticing in Nina Turczyn’s studio, learning silversmithing and having a ridiculously good time. Jewellery design occupies most of my headspace at the moment, although decorative arts in general are never far from my thoughts. 

IMG_4150 2


What Inspires your work? 

Right now, mostly a need to explore. I’m at the beginning of what I recognize will be a long relationship with metalworking, and that’s pretty exciting. As much as I’m looking forward to mastering certain techniques and having a really holistic understanding of my medium, I’m really enjoying the sense of discovery that is especially acute at the beginning of getting to know something. That’s really what’s leading me right now.

What/who are your artistic influences? 

I’m a total texture freak, and so I get a lot of inspiration from nature. I spend a lot of time walking around outside and the minutiae of the natural world is so fascinating. 



What would be your dream project?

I would love, love, love to design and build my own home.  I have a deep appreciation for things that are both functional and beautiful, and the best houses are the ones that achieve both of those things.  It’s a project that has existed in my head for as long as I can remember, and if I ever have the chance to do it it’s gonna be bonkers. It will drive my partner, Chris, crazy because he sees a house as a material thing, but for me a house in more of an extention of one’s interior. Some people just take up more space than others. 🙂 

What is the best advice you have been given?

Breathe by the nose. I’m getting better at remembering this. 

Do you have any vices? 

Nothing scandalous, sorry.

Name something that you love and why? 

Hmm…so hard to choose! Right now I’m in love with the fog. I’m surrounded by it and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s hard to beat fog for atmospheric beauty; it makes the outside feel so intimate and inviting. I love the headspace it puts me in.

Why do you create?

Because if I don’t then something essential is missing from my day. The whole process of creating, from the conceptions that begin in ones head to the physical act of transforming materials and finally to the contentment of having completed something just feel integral to my being. It sounds a bit lofty, but it actually works on a pretty modest scale as well. On a slow day, I’m still pretty happy having made a Lego helicopter-house with my daughter. It’s just a process that I enjoy deeply. 

What Super Power would you have? 

Would immortality be considered a super power? If so, I’ll take it. If not, I’d like some go go gadget arms. 

How do you know when a work is finished? 

That’s a tough question to answer. With what I’m working on lately, I rarely actually feel like anything is ‘finished’. Because silversmithing is pretty new to me, I mostly feel like I’m exploring and discovering with most of the importance being in the process. In general, though, there’s a certain balance that is instantly recognizable when it’s been achieved. I can’t describe it to a tee, but with jewellery it involves movement, weight and texture along with other things. When something is ‘right’ it’s instantly recognizable, and if it doesn’t happen instantly then it needs more work.


Do you ever experience times of being uninspired, and if you do, is there any thing that you do that gets you back into the groove? 

I haven’t felt this in a while, but i certainly have in the past. I’ve come to realize that, in general, I fare better when I have an imposed structure that I’m beholden too. I kind of lose my moorings when I have to much freedom because I don’t have the self-discipline to structure my time. 

Do you have any daily routines? 

My morning routine is the most consistent part of my day. If I do it right, then the day is usually golden. It starts with 10 or 15 minutes of silly stuff with my daughter and then my coffee. I’ve become increasingly ritualistic about my morning coffee, actually. 

Is there anything you are obsessed with? That you think about more than anything else?

There’s a large portion of my headspace that seems to be reserved for making things and dissecting how things are made. It’s always chugging away. I usually have a dozen or projects in a bit of a feedback loop. Lately it’s mostly jewellery but it still includes some woodworking and sewing, among other things.

What is your most prized possession?

Probably my tools.



What’s the first thing you would do if you won 1 million dollars? 

I love this game! I’d take a long road trip with my family and take in a bunch of landscapes that I’ve never seen before. Then I’d come back, buy a small acreage and design my dream house. Complete with my dream studio.  Which I would likely never leave. 

Are you happy? 

Obnoxiously so, yes. It’s a crazy feeling knowing you have everything you need. I feel incredibly fortunate. 


You can find Wendy’s work at thistlehandmade.com
Also work by Nina Turczyn at www.paprikajewellery.ca