My Mother as my Creative Influence.

by stephaniejewelart

I am very grateful for my Mother, and her creative influence in my life.  I  would not be who I am if it weren’t for her. Sue Artuso has always been making. She is the original DIY Maven for me. From clothing, to gift ideas, home decor and garden grown edibles. She instilled a great respect for Re-use, Re-duce, Re-cycle in my sister and I, and it’s her attention to detail that has inspired my own.

I turned to my mother with some of my “Creative Crush”  Questions, as some insight into what drives her in her own creative pursuits

Who are you and what is your star sign?

Sue Artuso…Mom…Capricorn on the edge of Sagittarius

Where are you from OR where do you live?

I was born on a farm in rural Ontario…..raised my family on the west coast

What do you do?

I love to sew, quilting mostly, but my days are my own. I enjoy lawn bowling

What Inspires your work?

Whatever scraps come to my hand and what I think I can make them into

What is the best advice you have been given?

Finish every project..but that doesn’t mean you can’t start more first

Do you have any vices? 


Do you ever experience times of being uninspired, and if you do, is there any thing that you do that gets you back into the groove? 

I clean my sewing room and refold material, look into bins and baskets and get projects lined up again

Do you have any daily routines?

Swim, hot tub, and walk around the park to get my hair dry

Why do you create? What is behind your Drive to make things? 

Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without…is sort of the motto I was brought up with…nothing was wasted and everything could be used for something. I never had much money so everything was home made.

Where did you learn to sew? 

My mother taught me to sew on her singer sewing machine at home and on the treadle machine at the cottage. I learned needle work from Brownies, but mom helped me practice.

Who in your life inspired/inspires you to sew and quilt? 

I quilted with my Gramma and great aunts. They would get together once a year with quilt tops done and sit together around a quilt frame under a large tree and quilt, gab, gossip, and plan. I was 5-6 yrs old then.

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