Morning on the bus.

I am in love.

This is where I am if you never see me again.

Also, my mother, made this quilt. I helped a little by cutting and sewing the migration pieces, but she quilted the rest. It’s beautiful and large and I am pretty sure she injured herself in the process. Thank you Mom, I love it.





Fun with Floors

I am pretty excited about these floors. Or I am high off paint fumes. No, I am excited and pleased that this floor started out as crappy plywood, and is now…. This. Bus’s don’t have a lot of wall space, and I was grieving the loss of surface to hang my delicious collection of Art. Painting a big ol’ colourful something something on the floor was the compromise.








No bus, no muss

I’ve been totally bus consumed the last week. Which is good because it’s given me lots of time to think and ponder my way through what’s been going on with me.

Today I am forcing myself to take a step back from the bus work and finish some commissions in the studio, but I thought I would post some photos of where I’ve gotten to.




My fabulous friend built the bed, and I started the closet on my own yesterday, which I am pretty proud of because it’s actually sturdy.


My OTHER project at the moment is this 1987 Blue Bird school bus conversion into a bedroom. I’ve been working on finding a bus for a few months now, and am so thankful for this. I am looking forward to having my own space, also for the opportunity to renovate/decorate . I am always so inspired by living spaces that are made from not typical living situations. And also that this old girl can come with me when I decide it’s time to move on. <br />





A good friend of mine is here visiting from the island. At the Art for Trade show he traded bus labour for a piece and so he’ll be helping me with his super talents to get started on the building of a few things.


last week I made this mobile for my sister. I’ve been pretty preoccupied with gardening. And thinking lots about the next subject I’d like to explore/express with the style of work I’ve been doing.

I want to talk about guilt, about shame and regret, and the human experience of hurting each other, learning from our experiences and the quest for self forgiveness.

Personally I am working through some dark times, and sometimes I feel ashamed to be committing time to thinking about myself when that is/was part of the problem in my relationships. Being self absorbed.

I am hoping that creating work on this subject will help me move forward towards some healing….

I am also still working on commissions, so if you are reading this (assuming anyone reads this) and you know I’ve got something on the go for you, fear not, it’s a commin’ .