Art for trade

On April 12th, at the Electric Umbrella Tattoo shop and Gallery, I will be showing my latest work in a show I am calling “Hand for a hand; a collection for trade.”

I am currently working on scrap salvaged wooden panels, with paints I’ve been moving around with me for years. It’s my goal to not spend any money in the making of this collection and in exchange, I’d like to open up the floor to trades of goods and services instead of dollars and cents.

It’s my belief that everyone should be surrounded by art and souvenirs that move and inspire them. Making pieces and then knowing that someone who really appreciates the uniqueness of certain handmade things, will get to enjoy them, is worth more than money in your pocket.

Before you go thinking, ok, lady, what about the actual fact that people need money these days. That talented, hard working artists and makers are creating to make a living. That that is real work too. I want to tell you that I agree. Art is worth spending money on, collecting, having in your home. It is important to support Artists.

The current juncture I’ve found myself, I owe hugely to people around me who lent me a hand when I needed to make some changes in my life. I am fortunate enough right now to be able to trade work for a living situation, and living closely with other people has made me really appreciate the give and take, ebb and flow of favors and exchanges.Working for someone, because you believe in their dream, is far more satisfying then working for money.

Because of this I feel a freedom, in letting go of the “Monetary System”. In checking out. And I want to share that.

SO, If you live in Nanaimo, and it sounds at all interesting to you, the potential of trading, come stop by, Electric Umbrella,

I am open to any types of trades, but I might post a list of things I actually need, just to get the call rolling.




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