Lets talk about hands, baby…

I am totally obsessed with hands. Artistically they inspire me in so many ways. One of the very first pieces I ever had in a show (Tofino ’06 or ’07) was a painting of my own hands, stitched together with black thread. And ever since then I’ve gone through phases of hand inspired work.

When I look at my hands, I think about the things I’ve created, I think about the potential. This goes for situations in life too. We have full creative freedom to create our own lives, to write our own stories . It’s in our power to make good ones and it’s important to reconstruct when we haven’t.

There is this fabulous Ceramic Artist named Carol Epp, who made (makes, you can check them out on her Etsy account, info below) a small ceramic sculpture of two hands praying, and on the knuckles it reads “make” and “mend”. It has become a life motto for me. How it resinates with me is in terms of life and situations. You Make it, you Mend it.(you break it, you bought it) We make mistakes, but we can also make amends.

It is also is really relevant to our “DIY” culture. Lets make things our selves and mend the things that need mending, instead of throwing them away.

I’ve been overdosing on hand imagery lately, painting hands, cutting out wooden hands, reading about Palmistry. So I thought I would take 2 seconds and tell you about hands.

All hands on deck. The devil makes work for idol hands. Gain the upper hand. Get your hands dirty. Lend a hand. Hands up! Hands down! Wave your hands from side to side. Hands on, hands off….. Out of hand, show of hands, and finally, take someone by the hand.

Carol Epp
Carole’s Blog




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