Getting Handsey

by stephaniejewelart

I am working on a show these days. About hands, about helping, about what keeps me living. It’s been a while since I’ve had a steady practice of creating, and like anything that takes practice it’s always frustrating in the beginning to feel how much has slipped over time.

I am working with old tools, paints and brushes, but mixing in some new as well. I used a Bandsaw for the first time in grade 8 and I had nightmares about cutting my fingers off. Woodwork has always inspired me. Old faded country road signs are among my favourite things (that’s not exactly woodwork- but you know what I mean) there is something so satisfying about painting on wood.

Cutting your fingers off, cutting fingers out, would be ironic…. Knock on wood that doesn’t happen…. (See what I did there…. I am Terrible… )