Coming together

My space is getting there. I was painting a chalkboard wall in the big room of the trailer, and I had an idea to paint the ceiling in this room too. This way I can draw all the constellations, and the moon. I found some old canvass, washed and then sewed it together to make curtains. Mostly it just feels therapeutic to have a project.

I’ve been obsessing and day dreaming about the gardens that our household is planning for the pasture in the front of the property. Craving “work”. The kind that makes you sore and tired at the end of the day. The sort of meditative quality that doing something repetitive (weeding..) brings to your life. Art and gardens.



Not tons of progress on this space, mostly because I’ve done 3 coats of white and some sort of Greasy stain is showing through. I’ve got some work to do. My horoscope told me to roll up my sleeves today, which seems appropriate. When ever I have hard times of confusion and difficulties I turn to the planets for wisdom. Reading my horoscope daily for some sort of… Guidance… Also looking to the stars for inspiration. The night sky here is magnificent.


New to improve

Well, folks, life it seems will throw you a curve ball any chance it will get. Or maybe it’s me that threw the ball. I’ve undergone another period of life, where change and personal reflection, growth, learning, adapting and so on, is necessary. All of life is this way actually. I am rambling. Trying to summarize for you the changes, with out actually getting into it and weeping/typing the night away, is bit challenging. Instead I am going to talk about how I plan to move forward.


I am currently getting ready for an Art show I have in April ( more on that later) and in an effort to keep a tranquil sleeping/yoga zone, I am moving my “studio” space out of my bed room, and into part of the trailer that my roommate is currently also turning into a studio. Blah blah blah. Come with me on the journey from before to after. It’s one of my favourite things to do in the world. So at least there is that.